Best Chardonnay's under $20

There's a lot of Chardonnay's out there. Some people like their Chardonnay oaked or with a toasted head. Other people like their Chardonnay with a crisp clean finish. This is probably one of the few varietals in the world that can take on a different aroma and flavour depending on the location and vintners touch. From Australia to Niagara, France to Chile and finally California they're all great Chardonnay's

Food Pairings - typically fish, white and rose sauce pasta dishes and chicken

Remember that this list is in no particular order and is updated frequently.

2011 Gran Reserva Ribera del Rapel Chardonnay - Colchagua Chile

An excellent Chardonnay from the Concha Y Toro vineyards in Colchagua Chile. I picked up three of these for my cellar and I'm having a hard time not opening them because they are so good. Nice crispness and flavours of melon and tropical fruit.

Price - Under $16 (LCBO)

2010 Cupcake Chardonnay - Central Coast, California

This is a good example of a California oaked Chardonnay. The vintner has used malolactic fermentation to soften up the wine and with 9 months in oak aging it gives the wine a buttery or creamier texture. Flavours of citrus and spice really add another dimension to this wine which is why it's popular.
Price - under $15 (LCBO)

2010 Hob Nob Chardonnay - France

A nice Chardonnay from France. Good balance of acidity and fruit with some oak aging. Pleasant flavours of citrus and pear with a hint of vanilla. An excellent value priced Chardonnay

Price under $12 (LCBO)

2012 Lindeman's Bin 65 Chardonnay

No matter how you slice it, Lindeman's makes a good quality Chardonnay. Yes, it is produced in large quantities but they have managed to keep the quality of the wine at a respectable level and at under $11 for an Aussie Chardonnay, this is an excellent value.

Price under $11 (LCBO)

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