Monday, February 6, 2017

Love that Broadhead Beer !!

  I like craft beer and I've tried a lot of them (trust me). Every once and awhile you come across an exceptional beer. It may not be the particular style you prefer like an IPA, lager or an amber ale but this particular brew really strikes your flavour buds in a way that makes you want more. The only thing that's missing when you drink this beer is a summer patio and a warm gentle breeze. I recently had dinner at the Brew Table in Bells Corners and they were serving a craft beer from Broadhead called "Blueberry Blonde". The blueberry aroma and taste was subtle but very satisfying. I liked it so much that I had two pints with dinner.

  I searched the LCBO and Beer store but was unable to find it. Alas, here's the bad news. Broadhead is not brewing it anymore as it was a single production run. Hopefully they will come to their brewing senses and ferment a few more kegs for us to enjoy.

Cheers !!