Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Guilty Pleasures

 Guilty pleasures.... You know, that song on the radio that you can't resist singing along to even though you wouldn't dare have it in your cellphone music selection on the off chance that someone might see it. That junk food that starts calling your name from the vending machine and you have to shoulder check to make sure no one sees you buying it. We all have a form of a guilty pleasure lurking in our subconscious but we have to keep it hidden so that it doesn't overwhelm our rational thinking.  
 For me it's a particular grape. As a Sommelier, we supposed to be as objective as possible when selecting wines. Always keeping an open mind, trying different wines and don't let personal preferences distort your judgement. That can be hard to do sometimes when the guilty pleasure demon starts to take control of your thought process. It happens to me when I'm looking for a wine, I inevitably start drifting towards the California section in search of a good Zinfandel. It's my guilty pleasure for sure.

2012 Brazin B(Old) Vine Zinfandel, Lodi California (LCBO 256750 - $19.95)

This Zinfandel comes in 2 versions, Lodi and Dry Creek valley. I tried the Lodi version which was loaded with aromas of spice, cedar and dark fruit. It's a dark red wine rich with flavours like cassis and dark stewed fruit. A long fruit flavour finish with some spice at the end.

A great wine to serve with BBQ steak or take it to a Christmas party.

Cheers !